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Björn sits frustrated in the armchair, reflecting on the scenes that unfolded here just a few minutes ago. Once again, he and Nadja had a heated argument, which ended with a loud bang. With Nadja slamming the door behind her, not only did the argument come to an end, but this time, their relationship is likely over for good. Sure, she'll show up again later, they still live together after all, but Björn finally realizes that their relationship has failed. He immediately thought about sex and wanted to order an escort.

But is it only his relationship that has failed, or should he listen to himself more? He gets up, goes to the kitchen, and grabs a beer from the fridge. Back in his armchair, he takes a deep sip. As the night progresses, Björn's blood alcohol level rises, and so does his frustration. It becomes increasingly clear to him that he has no luck with women, so perhaps an escort could offer a solution. In the beginning, everything is always sky-high, and he thinks he has finally found the right woman, but a few months later, the rude awakening always comes.

Initially, he always noticed that the woman was withdrawing from him more and more, before he usually found her in bed and in the arms of someone else. He hasn't caught Nadja red-handed yet, but he is certain that there is already someone else beside her and that she will seek comfort in their arms. Björn is on the verge of making a decision: from now on, he can forget about his girlfriend and just focus on hos favorite Milf escort.

Björn has had a few bisexual experiences with an escort lady and gentleman. Experiences that were always fun and exciting, but until this moment, switching to the other side, to his own gender, had never been an option for him. But now, at this moment, his decision is firm; he wants to challenge and explore his happiness in a different way. A little later, Björn goes to bed.

When he wakes up the next morning, he doesn't initially know if he made the decision in a dream or in reality. A sound prompts him to get up and pay attention. Someone is in the apartment, which means Nadja must have returned somewhere in the night or recently. Immediately, the memories flood back—the memories of their argument, of him getting carried away and actually making up his mind. He gets up, puts on some clothes, and sets out to find an escort who can replace Nadja and the sex with a sexy escort in Amsterdam.

He quickly finds her in the kitchen. She is sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in her hand, looking quite distraught. "I'm sorry," she begins as she sees Björn entering through the door. "That won't buy me anything," he replies dryly. "Björn, please, I love you!" "Oh, really? Is that why you were gone all night?" "I was with Marion. If you don't believe me, call her and ask."